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Corporate travel

Fujairah Holidays successfully managed & customized travel projects in many countries The average experience of the meeting planning staff of Fujairah Holidays, Meetings & Events is 20 years.

Fujairah Holidays Has developed customized checklists to plan every detail for more standard types of meetings and business and individual trips.

Fujairah Holidays support person not on-site, receive a complete meeting resume with every meeting detail before anyone arrives on-site. Clients also receive an abbreviated version of the resume as appropriate.

Fujairah Holidays team members always precede any guests to the airports, transportation areas, hotels, meetings, and social venues. Meetings with the on-site suppliers and service providers are held face-to-face to ensure that everyone is prepared for the arrival of guests.

Fujairah Holidays team member maintains a daily log of his or her experiences on-site. These are reviewed together at the end of the day or the following morning, allowing for a more formal communication process with clients and vendors. We are able to effectively plan because we have managed so many different programs. The hotels, transportation providers, audio-visual companies, and other on-site suppliers are fully briefed and know their roles in the execution of the program. After all of the planning, the first steps when we arrive on site are to experience what our guests will experience when they arrive.

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